Hi, I'm Tom!

I'm a Video Editor, Cinematographer & technical problem solver who has a love for being a part of creating meaningful work!

I have strong competencies within the camera and post department. On set my experience ranges from working as an assistant on larger jobs to a Cinematographer on the smaller ones. I also spend a lot of time in post production, working as an Editor (Premiere Pro) and Colourist-in-training (DaVinci Resolve). I pride myself in being a valuable member of the team with my ever-expanding technical knowledge of video production.



Take a look at some of my previous projects!

  • Vaillante Miniseries

    Colourist. Watch here!

  • UNESCO Impunity


  • World Humanitarian Day


  • Lucy Kruger - Warmth II


  • WHO Commmit to quit tobacco


  • The Pearson Story

    Director, Cinematographer, editor and steadicam operator.

  • Online Violence against female journalists


  • CCFA Community Greening


  • FLOWER - dressed by Ari


  • World Patient Saftey Day


Making good images
serving the team

I pride myself in being a valuable member of a production with my ever-expanding technical knowledge of the camera and post department and desire to learn from others, lets chat!

Problem solver

I'm very process orientated with strong self-taught IT skills, this allows me to really add value to projects from a workflow and technical standpoint. I’m driven by the desire to find solutions to problems. As a very technically-minded individual, I love learning, working with and mastering new technologies and tools.